Bootylicious: Focus on Glutes and Legs

Workout Program for Legs and Buttocks

A firm butt and strong legs are nice to have, and the foundation for a healthy and strong body since you always use the legs. Many people are afraid that they will become “big and bulky” if they do the heavy lifting. However, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN; you will get a firm butt and nice legs! To shape your legs and buttocks, you need to do the work by lifting heavy! They are among your largest muscle groups and can withstand being tormented!

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Bootylicious: Focus on Glutes and Legs

  • Goal
    Muscle Growth
  • Body Part
    Lower Body, Glutes, Hamstring, Quads, Calves
  • Workouts per week
  • Number of weeks
  • Equipment
    Machine, Body weight
  • Level


Not only to receive a muscular butt and strong legs, but you will also look great. 


You can run this training program at all times, as long as you make minor adjustments on an ongoing basis. Two times a week in combination with other workouts, such as your upper body. It is relatively common to do legs one time a week. Thus with this workout, you will do double the work and get more remarkable results. Who does not want a great butt and nice legs?

Different Ways of Exercising

In this program we will use two different types of sets, supersets and dropsets:


The superset is two exercises in a row without rest. You run all the reps in one set and directly after all the exercises in the other exercise. This is great if you have a hectic schedule and need to get a quick and sweaty workout done, then you can do supersets throughout the whole workout. The purpose of this is to tire out both muscularly and cardiovascularly.

Drop Set

Drop set means that you run one set with as many reps as you are capable of. Later on, lose some weight, run another set, decrease the weight again, and continue this manner. This is perfect for maximizing every last bit of strength in your legs and butt!

How is this Workout session Structured?

This training program consists of two different training sessions for legs and buttocks that you run every week for eight weeks. You should add other exercises for the upper body as well. It is important with a balanced body with equal strength, make sure to train the entire body.

Food and Sleep

It is important to both eat and sleep well in order to reach the results.


Make sure that you have propperly warmed up before you start the workout. Especielly, stretch the lower body before you can do the exercises such as deep squats etc.

Focus During these Weeks

In the beginning, make sure to learn the exercises. Then gradually add weight to each workout, constantly increase! Be careful with the technique; it is EVERYTHING. Do not lose focus after a couple of weeks, but make sure to maximize your training, do your best even if the workout is a routine and can be boring sometimes. Do not be afraid of lactic acid; it is proof that you are using your muscles and fighters.
3.10 Training split with 2 workouts that you run every week

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