High-Intensity Strength Program

High Intensity to grow muscles and burn fat

This high-intensity strength program will suit you who want to maximize your time at the gym and build muscle while getting your heart rate up. You need to be prepared to push yourself to get the strength and benefit from the program. We, therefore, encourage you to find a training buddy so that you can tease each other during the workouts.

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Exercise Details

  • Goal
    Muscle Growth, Strenght
  • Body Part
    Full Body
  • Workouts per week
  • Number of weeks

How is the Training Session Structured?

In our high-intensity strength training, you will combine a strength exercise with a fitness or muscle endurance exercise. This means that you will be exhausted, and it will be a challenge to perform the exercises with the correct technique. You should therefore have trained for a while and have good technique before embarking on this program.

Training Split

The training split is built upon three sessions a week, one for the upper body, one for the lower body, and one full-body workout, which continues for six weeks.

Focus During the Weeks

The first week you can learn the exercises and just get in the program. It is perfectly ok if the workout takes longer than 45 minutes because you need to rest between your supersets. After a couple of weeks, you become more fit and require less rest, making the workouts go faster. Do not be afraid of blood taste in the mouth and lactic acid; they are just proof that you are fighting well. When you can perform all the reps and sets on an exercise with good technique, increase the weight the next session, continue to do this for all six weeks.


  • The workout will be about 45 minutes and includes supersets, i.e., two exercises that you alternate without resting.
  • Make sure you are hot in your body before you start.
  • Rest 90-120 sec between each superset.
  •  In total, there are three sessions per week: 1. Upper body 2. Lower body 3. Full body.
  • Rest for at least one day between sessions. Suggestions for training days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Run the setup for six weeks and try to improve your results without compromising on technology. It should take longer with more rest in the beginning than that you stress through everything.
  • Make sure you have a drink with you during the workout.

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