Improve Your Chins 2

Grow stronger to improve your chins

This training program is for you who have completed the Chins program Beginners or can handle more than five strict and unbroken chins in a row. In step 2, Continuation, we focus more on building muscle and increasing repetitions and the importance of becoming a pro at chins.

Pull-ups (or chins) are a relatively heavy and challenging exercise about hanging in a railing and lifting your body only with your arms and back up until your chin is over the railing. Whether you have your palms facing or away from you or holding narrow or wide, all are a variant of pull-ups, in my opinion, and you should train them all.

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Exercise Details

  • Goal
    Strenght, Endurance
  • Body Part
    Upper body
  • Workouts per week
  • Number of weeks
  • Level

The arrangement is three sessions per week for six weeks where two different sessions are alternated. The first week, session A, session B, and then session A is rerun. The second week runs session B, session A and then session B, etc. During Workout B, we will work with negative resistance as below:

Negative Resistance During Workout B

Choose one of the three exercises below and perform ten sets. Run each set “On the minute.” This means that you start a new set every full minute.


  1.  Isometric. Just hold on. Jump up and hold the bar so that the chin is just above the bar for 5-10 sec.
  2.  Negative pull-ups, about 10-15 s. Only to hold on the way down
  3.  Strict Pull-ups with rubber bands, about 60% of the maximum number of reps

For example, if you select alt 1, which is isometric, start by holding over the bar for 5-10 seconds. Then rest and wait for the next full minute to begin. Jump up and hold again for 5-10 seconds, relax and wait for the next full minute, etc.

The same goes for alt 2 Negative pull-ups. Every full minute you jump up and hold on on the way down for about 1-2 s. Jump up again and hold on. Repeat this for 10-15 seconds and then rest until the next full minute begins.

Option 3 can be run without rubber bands if you can do more than 5 Pull-Ups. If your maximum is 10 Pull-Ups, you must make six pieces starting every full minute. Then rest for the rest of the minute and drive again at the next minute start. If you manage to do six unbroken all ten sets, you should try to do seven unbroken all ten sets the next time you run Workout B and select 3.

This training program performs three workouts per week for six weeks, and half of them will be Workout B. You, therefore, have 9 Workout B sessions to look forward to, so feel free to alternate options 1, 2, and 3 so that all three are performed three times each during the six weeks.

Focus During the Weeks

You can already do at least 3 Pull-Ups when you start this program. Now it’s time to take you to the next level. You must dare to take in but remember that technology is crucial. Squeeze everything you have during the negative phase of Workout B.

Take care of your diet and sleep properly now that you have increased your training sessions. Also, do not forget to train the other body parts of the body. The focus is on this training program that trains the back, biceps, and forearms but does not forget the chest, legs, abdomen, and triceps. You must run these during the same session or at another training session. You do not want to have an unbalanced body.

Workout Details

Supine Pull Up. Use resistance bands if necessary.

Prone Pull-Up. Use resistance bands if necessary.

Negative Set on time: 10 sets “On the minute” see description above

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