Why Training Programs?

Whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, get stronger or reshape your body completely, we have a pre-designed plan for you. Developed by professional trainers and fitness experts, the training programs are structured with exercise videos, pictures and guidance. This is to make it as easy as possible for you to reach your goals. Start with a training schedule that actually gives results and find the program that is right for you below.

Benefits with Training Programs

Why should you have an exercise program? Isn’t it just to freestyle a little as long as you break a sweat? No, it’s not that simple. Below we have listed 6 reasons why you should use an exercise program.

  1. Structure. Achieving major changes requires a good and clear plan. Even the most creative football teams have a clear structure and make a plan in the locker room to then be able to be creative during the match. If you follow a fixed plan with exercises no matter how you feel about the day, you will do the job even if you are tired. If it says Squat in the program, you will run and get the effect of that exercise even if you for the day have no desire at all with such a large and heavy exercise. If you train depending on what you are feeling that day, you might choose a much easier leg exercise that day, and the results would have been lacking.
  2. Good training distribution. A good program ensures that you do not overtrain one body part and miss another. In a good program, the parts you focus on are trained, and the body is given enough rest between sessions. If you did chest one day, a good program will not include chest exercises immediately the next day.
  3. Goal. Easy to follow your progress. By implementing a fixed plan of exercises for a couple of weeks, you will follow your improvement in each exercise. You will see and clearly measure your results, which is very fun and gives increased exercising joy.
  4. Expertise. Let someone who can anatomy and exercise think on your behalf, which exercises train which muscle is not always easy to track. Are you going to train with a lot of reps or heavy weights? Everything around the body requires knowledge. Let an expert guide you depending on your goal.
  5. Variation. Your muscles need to be trained at different angles and in different ways to grow. A program often trains a body part in different ways during different workouts to increase your results. Do not do the same exercises over and over again in the gym.
  6. Shock the body. You can not run a program for too long because then the body gets used to it, and you will stop growing. You will need to replace the programs from time to time. Therefore, it is good that there are several programs o chose from.

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How Do I Decide on What Training Program To Do?

First, you need to think about what you want to achieve from the workout. If it is a generally better physique, maybe a full-body program is a good choice and if it is to build legs and buttocks, you should choose a program with more exercises focused on the lower body. If you want to lose weight, workouts that train large muscle areas but at the same time give a higher heart rate are good.
Another very important aspect is how many times a week you have time to train. If you only train twice a week, a full-body program is preferable because all muscles are trained twice a week, but if you can reach volumes of 3-5 sessions a week, there are more options. Be honest with yourself and do not make unreasonable demands

When Should I Change Training Programs?

Most training programs have a set end date of 6-10 weeks. When the program is over, you can select another or run the program one more time. As long as you see good growth and good results, you can continue with the same program, it works! When the results begin to decline and each week begins to resemble the previous one, it is time to shock the body with a new program. Just to switch it up!