Leg Extensions

Why Should You do Leg Extensions?

Leg extension is a leg exercise performed in a machine. It is one of very few leg exercises that only trains and focuses on the quads. Unfortunately, there are too many who incite heavy weights in the exercise and kick up the weights and thus execute the exercise incorrectly. The leg extension should instead be performed with controlled and slightly slower repetitions. This is to best isolate the muscle.

Exercise details for Leg Extensions

  • Primary Muscle
  • Equipment
  • Level

Starting position

Sit down in the machine with your legs behind the rounded cover. Try to keep your knees as close together as possible for extra isolation effect. Hold the handles on the sides of the seat. Your back should always be against the backrest and your buttocks should be pressed against the seat and backrest at all times. You are now in the starting position for leg extension


From the starting position, push up the moving part of the machine until the legs are fully extended. Perform the exercise slowly. You should not kick the weight but slowly push it up. Return to the starting position slowly and repeat the exercise. Tense the muscles you are exercising on the way back for great results.

If you extend your toes so that they point forward in the top position, you train the upper part of the front thighs more.

Tips for Leg Extensions

  • Tilt the backrest so that you have at least a 90-degree angle between the legs and upper body, preferably more
  • Good exercise that isolates the quads
  • Perform the exercise slowly instead of with a lot of weight and keep the tension in the muscle you are exercising on the way back
  • You should not kick up the weight but push it up
  • Your buttocks should always rest on the seat and to the backrest of the machine
  • Do not swing with the upper body, the back should be against the backrest at all times
  • If you extend your toes so that they point forward in the top position, you train the upper part of the quads more
  • Important to go all the way up and down, full range of motion

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