Romanian Deadlift

Exercise Details Romanian Deadlift

  • Primary Muscle
    Hamstrings, Gluteus
  • Secondary Muscle
    Lower back, Traps, Forearms
  • Equipment
  • Level

Why Should You do Romanian Deadlift?

The Romanian deadlift is one of the best exercises to train your butt. The Romanian deadlift is a version of the traditional deadlift that trains large parts of your back. Unlike regular deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts are performed with almost straight legs. Since the straight legs limit the quads part of the exercise, you can isolate the load to the back thigh and the gluteal muscle (buttocks).


Stand behind the bar with a hip-width position. If you have good mobility in your hamstrings, it can be advantageous to stand on a box to go deeper before the weights touch the floor. Grab the barbell with a shoulder-width apart grip so that your hands can run freely beside your knees. If you can’t bear the grip, you can alternate the grips, i.e., one hand with the palm of your hand facing you and the other palm away from you. Your arms should be outstretched.


The legs should be slightly bent in the starting position, and the weight should be on the heels. Tighten the back and suck your stomach in so that the line of the back is neutral. Pinch your shoulder blades together so that your shoulders go backward. Also, remember that the whole foot should be in the ground; you should not go up on your toes through the exercise. Look ahead through the entire lift.
Slowly lower the bar to the floor by pushing your buttocks back while lowering your upper body forward with a sloping or straight back. Do not bend your back at all, but keep it straight. Remember that the bar should be close to your body throughout the lift. When the bar almost hits the ground in front of you (or when you can not get further down with a straight back if you are standing on a box), then lift the weight again by pushing the hip forward and straightening the body.

Guided steps for Romanian Deadlift

  • Remember to keep your rear neutral throughout the movement
  • The weight should be on the back of your foot
  • The straighter your legs are the more strain on the hamstrings
  • Perform the lift slowly
  • Keep your eyes looking forward through the entire lift

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