Full Body For Beginners Part 1

Full body workout for beginners is suitable for those who have just started with or have limited experience of strength training. The training in this beginner program takes place mostly in machines. This is because they do not require the same technique know-how as “free” weights. You will train through the whole body each session, and the training program itself is divided into two different sessions that you run every few days.

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Chest Press Machine

Details for Program

  • Goal
    Muscle Growth, Cardio
  • Body Part
    Full Body
  • Workouts per week
  • Number of weeks
  • Equipment
  • Level

When you later get past the “beginner level,” you can continue to run the same program for a very long time. The most important thing is that you change reps, sets, and weights to challenge the body from time to time. After the first 6 weeks, you can therefore start to vary sets, reps, and weights. It is recommended that you drive in periods: light, medium, and heavy. That way, you are constantly challenging your body. By “light,” however, is meant that you should still tire out the muscle, but you do it with more repetitions:


  • Easy: 8-12 reps, 3-4 sets
  • Average: 6-8 reps, 4-5 sets
  • Heavy: 3-6 reps, 5-6 sets


I recommend that you have two rest days between these sessions so that the body has time to recover properly before the next full-body session. But with “rest,” I mean active rest, i.e., lighter cardio such as jogging, walking, cross-training or the like. Feel how the body feels and what it wants. If you want to train more than two sessions a week, that is great. Alternate sessions A and B only, but make sure you have at least 1-2 days of rest in between

Do not be afraid to train hard! I mainly talk to many girls out there who think they will be “big and beefy” as soon as they train hard, which is not true.


Do not forget to set goals and some intermediate goals. It will be more fun to train, and you will see your results more clearly when there are measurable goals to achieve.

Focus during the weeks

In the beginning, you can focus on just learning the exercises. Feel free to read about how to perform all exercises in our exercise guide. Once you have figured the exercises out, you can slowly lift the weights, week by week, as long as you can do all the reps and sets with the correct technique. The technique is a priority without a doubt; when it clicks, you can increase the weight. Feel free to write down how much you lift in the beginning and follow this development during the weeks; it is always more fun to have goals and see their results. Good luck and pat yourself on the back for starting to train!

Workouts and exercises per week

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