Static Hold Sit Ups

how to do static hold sit ups

Training Details for Static Hold Sit Ups

  • Primary Muscle
    Straight Abs
  • Secondary Muscle
    Inner Abs
  • Equipment
    Body weight
  • Level

Guide for Static Hold Sit Up

  • Isometric, your body should be still during the exercise
  • Put your entire feet on the ground
  • 90 degrees angel in your knees
  • Lean your torso backwards until the angel to the floor is about 45 degrees
  • Pinch your shoulder blades together and push your chest forward
  • Your back should be flat, do not bend it during the exercise
  • Do not forget to breath during the exercise
  • Put your feet under a couch or another fixed object if you do not have a friend who can hold them still for you
  • You can hold a weight over your chest to do the exercise tougher

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