Machine Shoulder Press

Training Details Machine Shoulder Press

  • Primary Muscle
    Front Delt
  • Secondary Muscle
    Middle Delt, Triceps
  • Equipment
  • Level

Why Should You do Machine Shoulder Press?

Machine Shoulder Press is a good alternative to the usual shoulder press with dumbbells. The exercise is good and is also easy to perform. It is, therefore, suitable for beginners or people with limited experience of strength training at the same time as it gives experienced strength trainers an effective shoulder exercise for drop sets

Machine Shoulder Press is very similar to military presses and dumbbell raises for the shoulders. The big difference is that it is fixed and can only move upwards. This isolates the movement so that only the shoulders are trained. However, the triceps will also be trained when you straighten the elbow joint.


Sit in the machine with a straight back. Grab the handles. Push your elbows slightly forward while pulling your shoulders slightly down and back. If it “tenses” under and behind the armpit, you are in the correct starting position. Then push the handles up so that you have straight arms while holding down and behind the shoulders. Return the movement and come back to the bottom position in a controlled and slow manner.

Do not allow the weight plates to hit each other in the bottom position. Then the tension on the muscles will disappear and they will rest. Thus turn in the bottom position.

Machines are static and your body may not be suitable for the person you are sitting in. In case of pain and discomfort, you should stop the exercise and find an alternative.

Guide for Machine Shoulder Press

  • Pull back the shoulders pull your shoulder blades together, push the chest forward
  • As with all other sitting press exercises, be sure to maintain a good posture with a straight back throughout the exercise
  • Keep your eyes looking forward
  • Lower the weight in a calm and slow manner, always with tension in the muscle you are exercising. 
  • The machine isolates the shoulders more than exercises with dumbbell and barbell
  • The exercise is perfect for quick drop sets
  • Do not let the weight plates hit each other in the bottom position, then the muscles will rest 
  • Machines are static and do not fit everyone, change exercise in case of pain

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