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Starting strength is a cult status strength training program by weightlifter Mark Rippetoe. Grow slowly and steadily stronger with just a few exercises week by week. You should constantly increase the weight of the barbell every session. We are talking about small weight gains, but you will feel it a lot after a couple of weeks.

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Program Details

  • Goal
    Muscle Growth, Strenght
  • Body Part
    Full Body
  • Equipment
  • Workouts per week
  • Number of weeks

For Powerlifters: Muscle Mass and Strength in the Same Program

Starting Strength is one of the most well-known and talked about strength training programs available. The program was founded by the former American weightlifter Mark Rippetoe in the 80’s. Starting Strength is the name of a book by Rippetoe where the author guides the reader to correct and safe technique when lifting weights and presents a basic training program for those who want to start lifting. Today, people mainly associate Starting Strength with the training program and few remember or know that it is the name of a book. Many started strength training after reading Starting Strength and the training program is cult-classified in training circles. Starting Strength is a good program for you who want to start strength training with a barbell and want to increase muscle mass as quickly as possible. Rippetoe has developed two versions of the Starting Strength training program, one classic and one practical. Both training programs should be performed three times a week, where you alternate between session A and session B at all times. A day of rest between each workout is recommended, you can rest more but certainly not less


The training split is based on 3 sessions a week that are varied between 2 different workouts. There is a classic and a practical approach that consists of the following exercises

Classic Workout A:

5 reps x 3 sets Squats

5 reps x 3 setsBench press

5 reps x 1 set Deadlifts

Classic Workout B:

5 reps x 3 sets Squats

5 reps x 3 sets Military press

5 reps x 1 sets Power Clean

The second layout is identical to the one above, but you replace the power clean with chins in Workout B.

For the sake of simplicity, we have added the classic layout with exercises at the bottom.

A short but effective program

Starting Strength is a training program based on few but effective full-body exercises. The weight gain on the barbell should be slow and linear. The purpose is for you who follow the program to constantly increase your load for a long time, week by week. The longer you do strength training and the stronger you become, the more difficult it is to reach new weight goals. With Starting Strength, you will put on new and heavier weights all the time. If you manage the number of specified repetitions in the program, you should increase the weight at the next session. The program is designed so that you will slowly but surely be able to handle heavier and heavier lifts.

Tips for continued heavier lifting

Even if you follow a program, you may not be able to lift heavier weights. Not being able to put on new and heavier weights may be because you are not strong enough, but it is usually a sign that you need to review your diet and your rest periods. Sleeping and eating healthy and regularly has a big impact on your results, and routines in these areas are required for a steady and slow increase in load. Not having patience can overthrow the best, whether it comes to rest or weight gain. If you have these factors under control, you will most likely continue to build muscle mass and become stronger and more explosive. Starting Strength is a qualitative training program and is suitable for you who dream of increasing muscle mass and for you who want to perform better in a specific sport.

Use resistance bands if necessary

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