Reverse Pec Dec

How to do Reverse Pec Dec

Reverse pec deck focuses on your rear shoulders and upper back. The exercise is therefore recommended if you want to isolate certain muscles and just focus on them. It does not provide a consistent shoulder workout.

If, on the other hand, you generally want to build larger shoulders, it is not enough just to run this exercise. It is then important to ensure that you have a consistent shoulder schedule. You can find inspiration for this among our shoulder exercises in the exercise bank.

Training Details Reverse Pec Dec

  • Primary Muscle
    Rear Delt
  • Secondary Muscle
    Traps, Middle back
  • Equipment
  • Level

Design Reverse Pec Deck

Sit in the Pec Deck machine but face inwards. Grasp the handles either with the thumbs up or inwards. Bend your arms slightly to allow the pressure back. Sit straight in the back. Pull back your shoulders to open up your chest making it easier to rotate back with your arms.

Pinch the shoulder blades together and at the same time pull out and disassemble the handles. Hold for a second in the top position where you feel that the shoulder blades are almost squeezed and then release back in a controlled manner. Then repeat the exercise and think about the technique. It is important that the exercise is performed in a controlled manner to focus on the right muscle group.

If you do not like to do it in a machine and prefer free weights, you can instead rdo reverse dumbbell flyes.

Guide for Reverse Pec Dec

  • Adjust the machine so that you can grip the handles with straight arms in shoulder height
  • You can vary your grip. Palms facing each other, down towards the floor or even outwards if you are mobile enough
  • Strive for good posture with a straight neutral back
  • Do not let your shoulders move up towards your ears, keep them down.
  • Pull the handles slowly on the way back
  • Lower the weight in a calm and slow manner, always with tension in the muscle you are exercising.

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