Muscle Growth

Is not building strength and muscle the same thing?

Yes and no is the short answer. It takes strength to build muscle over time, and it takes muscle to build strength. What differs between the two is that muscle growth occurs best in the interval of 6-12 repetitions. Sometimes you can train with even more repetitions for increased muscle mass.
To build strength and explosiveness, it is different. There you should get your body used to extreme load for a short period, and then you have to train close to your maximum lift; the repetitions will therefore only be between 1-6.
The two thus overlap a lot, but the more experienced you become in the gym, the more the choice of strength or muscle growth will come into play.

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However, it is essential to point out that you need to change your programs over time. You can not always lift 3-6 times for strength or 6-12 for muscle growth. Your body will get used to it and stop growing; then, it’s time to shock it with a completely new approach for a while before you go back to the old again.

What do muscle mass training programs often look like?

To increase muscle mass, you should lift as much as possible in the interval 6-12. Even if you get tired in your muscles, you can lower the weight and do one more set. If you are aiming to build strength a rested body before every set is a must but for muscle growth you should keep on going with more and more sets and reps.
Be sure to eat proper protein during exercise programs. Also, make sure you get adequate sleep. Just exercising without these two will significantly impair your muscle growth.

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