Beginners Full Body with Machines

This is a good starting workout

This is a good starting point if you are new at the gym and you want a complete workout for the entire body. The exercises are easy to perform, most of them are even performed in a machine with a controlled motion. You can do this workout 2-3 times per week for a few weeks until you feel ready to do something more advanced or just try a new routine. After this workout you need to recover for 48 hours. Recovery means no weight training during this resting time. You have just done a full body workout for all the muscles in your body and they now need to recover.

Start with a warm up for 5-10 minutes such as running or a cross trainer. Then you start lifting with legs. Make sure to have a controlled range of motion in the leg curls., do not snatch the weight. The same goes for all exercises, slow and controlled. You finish off with abs and do the exercise until failure. By failure we need the last rep you can do with correct technique, then you rest.

If you are training for strength do one exercise at a time and rest between the sets. If you are more into cardio and fat burning you can do all the exercises one set with no rest between them. Fist when you have done them all you rest for 2 min and the you start lap 2. In total you should do 3 laps.

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shoulder press

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