Resistance Band Singel Arm Pushdown

Training Details Resistance Band Singel Arm Pushdown

  • Primary Muscle
  • Equipment
    Resistance Bands
  • Level

Why to do pushdowns with a resistance band? 

Sometimes resistance bands are the only thing you can take with you on the trip to train which makes this exercise great because you can get quite a lot of resistance when you only use one arm. The exercise trains your triceps and you will get a lot of lactic acid in them at high resp.

Guide for Resistance Band Singel Arm Pushdown

  • Take a small step back in that sense you pull  the oblique backwards
  • Tilt your upper body slightly forward
  • Pull your hand past your body, your elbow should be slightly behind your body
  • Fix your elbow close to your body
  • Do not swing your arm during the exercise, only the forearm should move
  • The exercise can be done with two hands if you feel that the rubber band is too tough with one hand

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