styrketräning med övningar för armar

Arm exercises

What arm exercises should you do? The first thing you need to know is that your arms are made up of four major areas: your biceps, brachialis located below your biceps, triceps, and your forearms. The arm bends at the elbow joint by the biceps pulling the forearm towards you. The triceps do the reverse and extend the arm to a straight position. Your forearms control how strong your fingers and thus, your grip becomes.

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To be able to maximize your arm training, you must understand how the different muscles are built. The triceps make up 2/3 of your upper arms have three mounts that can all be loaded a little differently depending on the exercise. Biceps have two mounts that can also be stimulated in different ways through alternative angles and grips. Many people also forget to train Brachialis, which is below your biceps, but if that muscle grows, mainly through hammer grips, your biceps will be pushed out and become more visible. The forearms come naturally through strength training; however, if you want to strengthen your grip and get more ripped forearms, there are also specific exercises.

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Many people who just want to build an athletic body are enough to do extensive pulling exercises, especially back training, to build the biceps to an okay level. The same goes for the triceps, with all the push-ups included in chest and shoulder exercises. However, if you want to build massive and muscular arms, specific arm exercises are a must. Try your way around our exercises and vary the number of reps, sets, and weights during the weeks.




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