Single Arm Landmine Row

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Why Should You do Single Arm Landmine Row?

It is a fun variant of One-Arm Dumbbell Row, but you do it with a barbell instead of dumbbells. By varying how far from the grip you stand with your feet, the load will be moved between lats or traps, just like between Dumbbell Row and Meadow Rows.


Take out a barbell and attach one end to a “land mine” bracket on the floor. You can also push the bar into a corner. Place the appropriate weight on the other side of the bar, and remember to use small diameter weight plates. Better to use two ten kilo weights than a single 20-kilo weight. If the diameter is smaller, you will be able to lower the bar further towards the ground and pull the bar further up towards the body before it strikes.

Stand next to the bar in a split stance. The leg furthest from the bar should be at the front. Support yourself with your elbow on your thigh just above your knee on your front leg. Grasp the bar with the other arm with an overhand grip. Your upper body should lean upwards, but your back should be neutral and straight. Pull your shoulders back and push your chest forward. You are now in start mode.

Slowly pull the bar up from the floor as much as you can. Remember to do the lift with your elbow. It should end up as far behind the body as possible. It would help if you did not flap your arm out, but your elbow should be close to your body through the lift. Just like with a dumbbell row, pull your hand against your hip to maximize the load on your lats. You should not rotate your upper body or hips during the lift; they should remain straight and fixed. Do not go down and pick up the weight by lowering one hip. They should be parallel to the floor at all times, and your shoulders should also be parallel to the floor. When you have pulled your elbow back behind your body as much as you can, squeeze your shoulder blades, holding in this position for a few seconds. Then slowly lower the weight back down to the floor. You are very strong in this eccentric phase, so hold on tight; it will give results.

Performance For Traps and Rhomboids

To train the upper back more, back with your feet slightly in relation to your grip. Now you will pull your hand higher up towards your chest. Your elbow will be angled more during the upward movement, and the upper muscles of the back will take over the load more.

Tips for Single Arm Landmine Row

  • Use weight plates with a small diameter
  • Your back should be neutral and straight
  • Pull your elbow back as far behind your body as you can
  • Do not rotate upper body, hips or shoulders. They must be fixed
  • Hold for a few seconds in the top position to squeeze the muscle
  • Lower the weight in a slow and controlled manner, you are strong in this part of the movement  and can thus train eccentrically
  • Pull the weight towards the hip to train the lats
  • Pulling the elbow along the side of the body exercises the lats
  • Stand further back with your feet and pull higher up on your body to train traps and rhomboids more
  • You can angle your elbow more to train traps and rhomboids

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