Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curl

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Muscle groups and purpose of inclined biceps curl

Inclined biceps curl is perhaps the best exercise available for the biceps. The exercise mainly stimulates the long outer part of your biceps and it is the part that becomes your highest point when you tense the muscle. The reason why the long part is activated the most is your starting position, namely sitting on an oblique bench with your arms hanging straight down the side. The arms then come behind your body and the biceps muscle is tensed slightly even before the exercise starts. See biceps anatomy for more info on this.


Sit on a bench at an angle of about 45 degrees. Press your back against the bench, pull your shoulders down and push out your chest. Pull together and lower the shoulder blades while you sway slightly and tighten your stomach.

Grab reasonably heavy dumbbells. You should not rock the weight when performing the exercise and you should be able to resist on the way down. If you can not do this, you should lose weight to find the right shape.

Hold the dumbbells so that the thumbs point outwards and the palms forward. Keep the elbows locked next to the body during the entire movement, they should not flake out when it starts to get heavy. Slowly lift up the dumbbells, preferably both at the same time because otherwise one arm rests when the other is working. When you lift the weight and contract the arm so much that it is no longer possible, you turn your wrist slightly clockwise with the left and counterclockwise with the right, it should feel like you are really pushing the last out of your biceps. Hold in this position for a short while, you should not rest but you should feel full pressure in your biceps, and then slowly lower the weight down to the floor again.

Guide for Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curl

  • Do not use too heavy weights, you should be still when doing the movement.  
  • The elbows should be locked next to the body, they should not flap outwards in the lift
  • Your wrists should be straight, not bent
  • Lift both dumbbells at the same time, otherwise you are constantly resting one arm
  • By rotating the wrist when you are at the top of the movement increases the intensity.  Feel free to try this without weight and you will feel how your biceps are stretched further
  • Load up on the eccentric and really control on the way down for every single rep.

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