Ring Row

Why Should You do Ring Row?

Ring rowing, or rowing in rings, is a perfect exercise for strengthening the shoulders and back. The exercise is similar to Inverted Row but it is performed using rings instead of a bar. This gives you greater flexibility in your grip. You can run with a prone, overhand grip, just like Inverted row with a bar, but you can easily turn the palms of your hands towards each other, so-called neutral grip. When you do this, the elbows will be able to be pulled closer to the body and your lats for a greater load than the upper muscles of the back. A neutral grip is also more gentle to your shoulders.


Grab the rings and hang under them with straight arms. Heels of your feet on the floor with and straight legs. For a lighter variation, you can bend your legs.

Pinch the shoulder blades together and pull yourself up. Remember that the elbows should perform the lift; they should end up behind your body. In the top position, squeeze the shoulder blades for a few seconds before slowly lowering the body back.

Tips for Ring Row

  • The exercise will be tougher if you have your legs fully extended
  • Pinch the shoulder blades together before bending your arms; this will make your back and not your biceps work
  • Pull yourself up slowly and lower yourself in a slow and controlled manner on the way down with constant tension in the muscle you are exercises
  • Make sure your elbows are located behind your back
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades when you are in the top position
  • A prone grip that makes the elbows angled outwards trains the middle and upper back more
  • An underhand grip or neutral grip is more gentle to the shoulders. The elbows will be closer to the body, and you will pull your hands more towards the stomach, which will load your lats the most

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