Resistance Band Seated Row

Exercise Details for Resistance Band Seated Row

  • Primary Muscle
    Middle back
  • Secondary Muscle
    Traps, Biceps , Lats
  • Equipment
    Resistance Bands
  • Level

WHy Should You do Resistance Band Seated Row?

On the go or at home, resistance band training is straightforward to perform. Resistance bands do not take up unnecessary space, while they can give you a lot of lactic acids and metabolic stress. It is difficult to get heavy lifts that give strength and large muscles with resistance bands, but they are excellent for beginners, as rehab, on the go, or as a final exercise on a muscle you have already performed heavy lifts in. The difference between pulling a cable is that the resistance is heaviest towards the body when the resistance band is taut. In cable runs, the resistance is even throughout the exercise.


Sit on the floor with straight legs in front of you. Attach the resistance band under your feet and hold it with both hands. You can control the resistance in the resistance bands by varying how much you stretch your legs. Make sure your back stays straight and neutral. Pull your shoulders back and forward with your chest. When your arms are outstretched, you should still have a tight resistance band. Otherwise, you completely lose contact with the muscle when you extend your arms. You are now in your start position.

Slowly pull your hands towards your body. Remember to pull with the elbows that should end up as far behind the body as possible. When you have fully retracted them, squeeze your shoulder blades for a few seconds before returning your arms. Hold up the resistance on the way back, especially with resistance bands with a maximum load when you pull them in towards the body.

Different grips and directions for various back muscles

Like rowing exercises with a barbell, dumbbell, or cable, you can vary the grip for different muscles. If you run a prone, overhand grip and pull your hands more towards the sternum, your muscles between your shoulder blades and the upper back will be trained more. Your elbows will also go out more to the side as you make this move.
If you run a neutral grip, the palms of your hands facing each other, or an underhand grip, the elbows will be much closer to the body during the movement, and you will pull the weight more towards the stomach. This trains the back muscles of the back more, your lats.

Tips for Resistance Band Seated Row

  • Make sure your back is in a neutral position
  • Make sure that the resistance band  is always taut/tensed
  • Stretch your legs out differently for different resistances
  • Lower the weight in a controlled manner with tension in the muscle you are exercising. The resistance is heaviest closer to the body, take advantage of this
  • Grab the bar with the palms of your hands facing away from yourself, elbows that move out and away from the body and the higher you pull up the more it trains the middle and upper back
  • Neutral grip or underarm grip, elbows next to the body and pull towards the stomach exercise your lats

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