styrketräning med övningar för ryggen

Back exercises

Back exercises are an absolute must for you who want to build a strong body. The first thing to keep in mind when training your back is that the back is not one large muscle but several. You have an upper part, which is mainly visible on the side of the body, an inner in the middle of the back, and a lower part. Since these different muscles must be trained with various exercises, we have created a list below per muscle area.

Grip for lats or traps

Many rowing exercises are pretty similar, but by switching which grip you use between overhand, underhand, and neutral grip, you move the load between your lats and traps. A neutral or underhand grip mainly trains your lats, while an overhand grip puts more strain on the traps.

Position of the elbows

Just as with grip, the position of the elbows will control if you load the upper and middle back more than the side, i.e., your lats. The closer to the body you pull your elbows, the more your lats will work.

Pull towards the abdomen or chest

You can also vary if you pull the weight further down towards the abdomen or higher up on the body. If you pull the weight higher up, the traps are more active. The variations on grip, the elbows’ position, and how to pull the resistance are related, but more about this in each exercise!


Lower Back

Mid Back

Upper Back

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