Preacher Curl

Training Details for Preacher Curl

  • Primary Muscle
  • Secondary Muscle
  • Equipment
    Barbell, Bumbbell
  • Level

Muscle groups and purpose for Preacher Curl

Preacher curl is a very good biceps exercise that really isolates your biceps muscles and gives a serious pump. In comparison with other freer curl exercises, it is difficult to cheat in this exercise because you can neither rock the weight nor move your elbows.

You can even run your preacher curls on a sloping regular bench with one arm at a time, however, in that case use a dumbbell instead of a barbell.


Use a z-bar or a straight barbell and add as much weight that you can handle and still be in control. Adjust the seat and lean forward over the support so that your armpits are pressed against the top of the support. You should absolutely not have air between the armpits and the support because then it is easy to rock the weight with the body, which we do not want. When the armpits and your triceps are pressed against the support, you have isolated your biceps. Maintain this position throughout the exercise. Only your forearms should go up and down and your elbows should not move outwards or sideways. Grab the bar  with a shoulder-width apart position with an underhand grip.

Lift the bar slowly all the way up until you can no longer bend your arms. Do not lift your elbows away from the support because that will make your shoulders work instead, the elbows should always be pressed against the support. When you have come all the way up, you squeeze your biceps for a few seconds before you slowly lower the bar all the way down again. In the bottom position, you will be the weakest, so be sure to use weights that you can handle.

Guide for Preacher Curl

  • Do not lift too heavy weights, muscle tension is more important
  • Make sure your armpits are pressed against the support pad
  • Do not swing with your upper body. Only your arms should work
  • Load up on the eccentric and really control on the way down for every single rep.
  • Do not lift your elbows away from the support pad, they should be pressed against it at all times

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