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How to make your first Pull Ups or Chins

Improve your Chins program for beginners will help you become significantly stronger and better at Pull-Ups in six weeks.

Chins or Pull-Ups is a relatively heavy and challenging exercise where you hang in a railing and pull up your body with your arms and back until the chin is over the railing. There are several variations of chins/pull-ups—hands towards or away from you, narrow or wide grip. You should train all the different ways during this program, vary how you grip from workout to workout. The hands against you will train your biceps a little more, and they are therefore easier to do than the hands away from the body.

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Many people want to get better at Pull-Ups, and pull-ups is also the exercise to do to practice Muscle Ups. However, you should not do Muscle Ups until you are able to do ten strict Pull-Ups. Chin program for beginners will help you be significantly stronger and better at Pull-Ups for six weeks.

how to do chins

Training Program Exercise Details

  • Goal
  • Body Part
    Upper body
  • Workouts per week
  • Number of weeks
  • Equipment
    Pull Up bar
  • Level

Before you start, you need to see what level you are at today. Warm-up and then do as many complete Pull-Ups as you can. You should not pull yourself up but only pull yourself up. If you can do fewer than 3 Pull-Ups, you must run this training program before proceeding to step 2, called the Chins program continuation. If you managed at least 3-5 pieces, you can skip this program and go directly to the Chins program. If you are relatively new to the gym, I still recommend that you run this beginner program before continuing.


  • Run at least two sessions a week for six weeks. The weight should be so heavy that you can not do more than five reps. When you do more than five reps, you increase the weight.
  • At the end of the workout, you will find a railing to hang in, just like when you do Pull-Ups. The total time you have to hang is 3 minutes in total. You will not be able to complete 3 minutes in a row, which is perfectly ok. Rest for a while before jumping up and running again so that the total hanging time is 3 minutes. Remember that the shoulders should be active; you should pull them down and together with the shoulder blades. It will give you the strength you need to do actual Pull-Ups
  • Remember to activate the core in all exercises.

 Focus during the weeks

This program is for you who do not pass three strict Pull-Ups. You need to build up essential strength in your body and learn the Pull-Up strength exercises technique. Therefore, run through the first week and focus on learning the exercises: first, technology, and weight. Be patient; the results will come. When the technology is in place and can perform the correct number of reps and sets, you increase the weight step by step. Do not be afraid to take in as long as the technology is promising.

At the end of each session, hang on a bar for a full 3 minutes. This is a long time but split it up as much as you need. Write down how many breaks you required during the session and hit this goal week by week. Remember that your shoulders should be active, i.e., Warm-up fully by pulling the shoulders down and pinching the shoulder blades together.

Do not forget to train other body parts in addition to these workouts. The workouts in this program train your back and biceps, so avoid them the day before and after you run these workouts. Other muscles you can run at any time.

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