Optimal Volume: Push Pull Leg

Push-Pull Leg Split

The 3-split program is aimed at those who want an excellent basic schedule for building volume. The body is divided into three parts, and all three parts should be exercises at least once a week, so at least three sessions in a week.

It is also possible to do more than three days a week and do a rolling schedule between the three sessions. If you reach a full six sessions, the body’s muscles have had to work twice that week, which is optimal.

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The schedule is made to minimize the risk of overtraining by varying which muscles are trained from workout to workout. For example, many people do chest one day and shoulder immediately the next day. They then miss that the shoulders also have been activated throughout the chest workout, which leads to overtraining and, in the long run, injury in the shoulders. We have therefore gathered the muscle areas that work together in the same session. The chest, triceps, and front shoulders are all activated at the same time in many exercises. That’s why we run them all in one session. Legs and buttocks often share the load, and they are run during day 2. The back and biceps are also activated in most rowing exercises and are included in a separate workout. This is often called Push, Pull, and Leg split, which becomes Push, Leg, and Pull.

Push, pull, and leg split can be run for a really long time. The important thing is to change exercises and vary reps and sets from time to time so that the body does not get used to the load. Keep chest, shoulders, and triceps in one day. Legs and buttocks the second and back and biceps the third. Fill in with which exercises you want as long as you keep the division.

training program push pull leg split

Training Program Details

  • Body Part
    Lower Body, Upper body
  • Workouts per week
  • Number of weeks
  • Equipment
    Barbell, Machine, Bumbbell
  • Level

How are the sessions structured?

The purpose of a 3-split is to give each muscle group as much attention and training volume as possible during the workout. You do this to really run out of muscle and force it to grow.

We start each training session with compound exercises. They are heavy exercises with barbells that activate many muscles simultaneously and are effective when you want to build strength and muscle mass. The workout then continues with less isolating exercises and techniques to exhaust each muscle to the maximum.

Focus during the training weeks

The first week is about getting used to the exercises and the program as in most other programs. Once you have run through all the workouts once, you can start lifting weights. However, make sure that the technique is correct before you start lifting heavy. Do not be afraid to be tuff on yourself; lactic acid in the muscles should be your best friend.

Be sure to rest the muscles that have been running for at least a day. If you have run a push day with, for example, a bench press, you should not run either chest, triceps, or shoulders the next day in any form. They will rest!

Feel free to exercise your stomach and torso at least 2-3 times a week after your regular workouts in the program.

Make sure you eat and sleep well. If you are careless with the diet and do not get the right amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals, this will, unfortunately, be seen in the result quite quickly. Sleep is also essential for recovery, be sure to get at least 7 hours every night.

If you want to run more than 3 sessions a week, this is excellent. Just roll the workouts in the right order all the time and never train two workouts a day.

Workouts per week and exercises

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