Mighty Seven

This is a very tough training program built for people who have been at the gym for a while. You will use 7 heavy compound movements as the basis for the program and do them in every singel workout. To this we then add extra exercises based on a Push, Pull and Leg split. Workout 1 will include the 7 basic exercises and extra exercises for chest, triceps and shoulders. The second workout will include the 7 compounds and extra exercises for back and biceps. The last workout will include extra exercises for legs and gluts. This is a very hard training program so get a lot of sleep and think about what you eat for great results.

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mighty seven training program for muscle growth

How to do the training program Mighty Seven

  • Goal
    Muscle Growth, Strenght
  • Body Part
    Full Body
  • Workouts per week
  • Number of weeks
  • Equipment
    Body weight, Machine, Barbell, Bumbbell
  • Level

Purpose of M7

  • To have a full body workout every time you hit the gym
  • To increase the workload on specific muscles based on a push, pull and leg split
  • Great program if you only have time for 3 workouts per week
  • This is a very tough training program

Exercises, training split and progression for M7

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