Full Body For Beginners Part 2

From machines to free weights

This is the continuation program after Full Body Training for Beginners. We are now moving out of the machine park and running with free weights. The goal with this is to get stabilizing muscles and get a better, more natural movement pattern. We add more of the so-called compound exercises. They are slightly heavier exercises that use several of the body’s muscles at the same time. They build proper strength, muscle, and coordination.

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Training Program Details

  • Goal
    Muscle Growth, Strenght, Endurance
  • Body Part
    Full Body
  • Workouts per week
  • Number of weeks
  • Equipment
    Machine, Bumbbell, Barbell
  • Level


Feel free to rest a day between sessions. The body then has time to recover properly before the next workout. By “rest,” I mean active rest, i.e., lighter cardio such as jogging, walking, cross-training, or something similar.

How is the training program structured?

We add more compound exercises, slightly heavier exercises that challenge the body’s muscles and are very effective in building strength and bigger muscles while providing coordination, body control, and strength in the core. We increase the weight a little, lower the number of repetitions, and “play” a little with the number of sets and exercises.

We have divided the sessions into a 2-split. This means that you train your upper body in one workout and your lower body in the other. The muscles should be trained at least twice a week to achieve optimal results. To cope with this, you should therefore train four times a week. If you do not have time for four, you can run a rolling schedule between the upper and lower body. If you only have time to train twice a week, you should find another program that trains the whole body in each workout.

romanian deadlift

Focus during the weeks

In the beginning, you can focus on getting into all the exercises. Some compound exercises can be challenging to learn, and the technique is crucial. Therefore, read about performing the exercises in our exercise guide and performing the compound exercises with low weights until they are performed correctly. Once you get into the exercises, you can start lifting weights for each workout. As soon as you can do all the reps and sets with the correct technique, you increase the weight the next time you run the exercise.

Be careful with diet and sleep. If you are going to train four times a week, they will be essential. Your result will be much worse if you do not perform these two as well as your training.

Once the technique is in place, do not be afraid to workout hard!

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