2 Boiled eggs

  • Näringsvärden per portion

    Energy (kcal) Energy (kcal):

    158,92 kcal

    Carbonhydrates Carbonhydrates:

    0,46 g

    Protein Protein:

    14,21 g

    Fat Fat:

    11,29 g

    Fibre Fibre:

    0,00 g

    Salt Salt:

    0,42 g

Healty fast food

Very easy meal or snack for of proteins and nutritions. 5 min boiling time for soft and 8 for hard


Portions: 1

2 st Egg raw

  • Boil the eggs with the shells on
  • 5 min for soft boiled with soft yolk. 8 min for hard boiled solid yolk
  • Remove the eggs from the hot water and put them into cold. That will make it easier tp peel them.

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