Oven baked chicken breast

  • Näringsvärden per portion

    Energy (kcal) Energy (kcal):

    240,27 kcal

    Carbonhydrates Carbonhydrates:

    0,01 g

    Protein Protein:

    46,21 g

    Fat Fat:

    6,04 g

    Fibre Fibre:

    0,00 g

    Salt Salt:

    0,39 g

Many different flavour on the same dish

With baked chicken breast it is very easy to be creative. The chicken can be flavoured in many different forms so mix it up from time to time. The important thing with chicken is the inner temperature. You can get bacterias and get sick if the temperature is too low and at the same time it will become dry if it is too warm inside. The goal is to reach about 68 degrees at the thickest part. Try using a thermometer if you have one. Do not use a oven that is too hot, 125 degrees is enough.

Different combinations just seasoning:

  1. Salt, pepper, oregano and lemon. Do not use to much lemon
  2. Curry, salt and chili powder
  3. Vegeta and pepper


Portions: 1

200 g Chicken breast fillet raw w/o skin

1 tsk Fat blend liquid 80% fat fortified e.g. Ica raps- och smörolja

  • Set the oven on 125 degrees
  • Fry the chicken filets quickly in a pan, just to give them some color. Use whatever spices you feel like (see our 3 suggestions)
  • Put the chicken in an oven dish and put it in
  • The chicken should stay in the oven for about 25 min. Use a thermometer, the inner temp should be 68 degrees
  • Serve with whatever your diet allows
  • Enjoy a very healthy protein dinner

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