Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms

  • Näringsvärden per portion

    Energy (kcal) Energy (kcal):

    319,91 kcal

    Carbonhydrates Carbonhydrates:

    6,90 g

    Protein Protein:

    24,68 g

    Fat Fat:

    21,25 g

    Fibre Fibre:

    2,28 g

    Salt Salt:

    0,79 g

Super food

Eggs and spinach are both super foods so why not combine them.


Portions: 1

3 st Egg raw

30 g Spinach raw

2 msk Fermented milk semi-skimmed 1.5% fat

1 tsk Fat blend liquid 80% fat e.g. Arla smör- och rapsolja

0.5 st Onion yellow

1 dl Button mushroom

  • Mix up the eggs and milk in a bowl
  • Chop the onion into really small pieces
  • Chop the mushrooms
  • Fry the onion and the mushrooms in a frying pan until they get some color
  • Add spinach and let it all fry fo a short while
  • Add the milk and egg batter to the frying pan
  • Stir and add salt and pepper

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