Premium Membership MyGreatness

29.00 SEK

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Get access to all the fun part of MyGreatness. For only 29 dollars per year you get plenty more excitement with challenges, follow along videos and the ability to create your own exercises and training programs that you can share with other members.

As a premium user you unlock the Challenge feature and compete against or together with other members in this app. You can accept a Challenge invite from another member or you can create your own Challenge and invite your friends. Who can the most workouts in 30 days, who can lift the most kilos in total, can we all lose 10 kilos in 100 days and many more Challenges are to be found in MyGreatness.

You also access follow along workouts were you just press play and try to do what the coach on the screen is doing for 30 minutes. This is a great way to exercise from at home and you need an extra push to do the last reps

As a Premium member you can create your own exercises and save them for later. You can also create entire training programs in the app and share them with other people.

As a premium user you also don’t get any disturbing video or banners ads which is great if you are a heavy user.

Buy a full year of Premium for only 29 dollars as a Christmas gift or to yourself!

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