Lateral Lunge

Exercise Details

  • Primary Muscle
    Lats, Gluteus, Hamstrings
  • Equipment
    Body weight
  • Level

Why Should You do Lateral Lunge?

Lateral lunge is a tuff exercise for the gluteal muscle and effective for the inner thighs. This training also works with mobility in the hip, groin, and stability in the knees. Working with outcomes in all different directions is recommended to keep you injury-free.


Stand shoulder-width apart. The feet point forward. Tighten your torso and place your hands at your hips. Pull back the shoulders, pinch the shoulder blades together and push the chest forward. The center of gravity should be in the middle of the feet.

Take a large step straight out to the side and place the foot with the entire sole on the floor and the toes pointing forward. Then bend the leg you stepped out with and stretch the other. Both feet should have the entire sole on the floor. Your hip should go backward seen from the side. You should not tilt your upper body too far forward, but keep it as upright as possible, and then it is required that the hip goes back.

Then push the body back to a standing position by pushing away with the foot you stepped out with. It would help if you did not go up on your toes with the foot you stepped out with, but the entire sole should push away.

You can run one side at a time or alternate sides.

Guided steps för Lateral Lunge

  • Tighten your torso
  • Pull your hips back as you go down and try to keep your upper body upright
  • The feet should point forward
  • Bodyweight in the middle of the feet
  • Do this exercise with many repetitions
  • You can do this exercise with a dumbbell, kettlebell or barbell behind your neck for extra resistance

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