Good Mornings

Why Should You do Good Mornings?

Good mornings are an effective exercise for the main hamstrings but also the lower back and buttock muscle. It is very similar to Romanian Deadlifts. It is a little difficult to get the movement but start with low weight and be careful to pull back your hips as you bend forward. You should feel that it burns properly in the hamstrings; otherwise, you are doing something wrong.

Exercise Details for Good Mornings

  • Primary Muscle
    Lower back, Gluteus, Hamstrings
  • Secondary Muscle
    Inner Abs
  • Equipment
  • Level

Starting Position

Place the barbell in a high position. Before the technique is correct, do not use too much weight in this exercise. Step under the bar and place it on the upper back, not on your shoulders. Hold the bar wide with an overhand grip. Step out of the position and stand a little more than shoulder-width apart between your feet, which should point slightly outwards. Your back should be in a neutral position, and you should bend your legs slightly so that they are not left in a locked position in the knee joint. The body weight should be in the middle of the foot; it should do so throughout the exercise. Inhale and feel the pressure in the torso. You are now in the starting position.


Now pull back the hip; this is what initiates the bending forward. If you do not pull the hip back enough and bend forward with the upper body, the center of gravity will come forward and you will be forced upon your toes. On your toes, you have no proper strength. Your back should remain in a neutral position at all times; never bend it. Go as far down as you can with your upper body as long as you do not bend your legs or bend your back. If you can walk all the way down so that you are parallel to the floor, that is great, but very few people can do it. It is perfectly okay to stop at a 30-degree angle if you feel that the hamstrings works correctly and hard. When you have come as far down as you can without bending your legs or bending your back, go back with your upper body by pushing your hips forward. The weight should always be in the middle of the foot.

Perform the exercise slowly, both up and down.

Tips for Good Mornings

  • Begin the bend by pulling your hips back
  • You should feel the exercise properly in your hamstrings
  • Perform the exercise slowly
  • Make sure your back is in a neutral position at all times
  • Go as far down as you can without bending your back or bending your legs
  • The centre of gravity should be at the centre of your feet at all times
  • Do not go up on your toes, in that case, you need to pull your hips back more
  • Do not bend your knees too much
  • It is great to do the exercise in a Squat Rack with guard rails

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