Reverse cable fly

Training Details for Reverse Cable Fly

  • Primary Muscle
    Rear Delt
  • Secondary Muscle
  • Equipment
  • Level

Why Do Reverse Cable Flyes?

The exercise mainly trains the back shoulders and is quite easy to perform. Grab the handles and take a small step back so that there is resistance immediately at the start. Pull back your shoulders, pinch your shoulder blades together and push your chest forward before you start the movement. Your arms should be slightly bent and fixed at this angle throughout the whole movement. Use a slow pace both back and forth. Hold in the top position for a while and squeeze out every last second before slowly going back. Your hands can cross each other in front of the body for a larger trajectory.

Only your arms should move backwards, your body should otherwise be completely still. It is an isolation exercise.
You can perform the exercise with the cable attachment high, in the middle or at the floor. The mount will affect which parts of the shoulders can be trained the most. Try different levels

Tips for Inverted Cable Flyes

  • Grab the handles and take a small step back
  • Pull back your shoulders and shoulder blades, pushing your chest forward
  • Do not push your shoulders up towards your ears
  • Perform the exercise slowly in both directions
  • Slightly bent but fixed arms throughout the movement, imagine it as if you were hugging a large tree
  • Stay in the top position for a few seconds (1-4 seconds)
  • Your body should be still, this is an isolation exercise
  • Vary the height of the bracket for different loads on the parts of the shoulders

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