Resistance Band Face Pull

Training Details Resistance Band Face Pull

  • Primary Muscle
    Rear Delt
  • Secondary Muscle
  • Equipment
    Resistance Bands
  • Level

Why should you do face pull with a resistance band? 

On the go or at home, resistance band training is very easy to perform. Resistance bands do not take up unnecessary space while they can give you a lot of lactic acid and metabolic stress. It is difficult to get heavy lifts that provide strength and large muscles with resistance bands, but they are excellent for beginners, as rehab, on the go or as a final exercise on a muscle you have already performed heavy lifts. Read more about why you do Facepull. The difference from pulling on a cable is that the resistance with resistance bands becomes heaviest closest to the body when the resistaqnce band is taut. In cable runs, it is evenly distributed throughout the movement.

Guide for Face Pull Resistance Band

  • Make sure the resistance band is slightly tensed from the start
  • Lower your shoulders before starting the movement
  • Tense your core
  • Your body should be still throughout the exercise
  • In the top position, squeeze out every last bit by pulling the shoulder blades together
  • Feel free to hold for a while at maximum load

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