Inverted Row

Training Details for Inverted Row

  • Primary Muscle
    Traps, Rear Delt, Lats
  • Secondary Muscle
  • Equipment
    Body weight
  • Level

Why should you do an Inverted Row? 

The exercise is quite simple for beginners, especially if you have bent legs. You can also find variations on the exercise when you can not go to the gym by doing it under a table or between two chairs, which is good for home training or on your vacation.

Hanging rowing is well suited as a final exercise after heavy back lifts to squeeze out the last. The more tired you get, the more you can pull your feet in and continue, a classic drop set. Feel free to vary in pace and invest a lot in the eccentric phase, ie to keep up on the road.

Feel free to try the exercise with TRX straps instead, it is slightly kinder to your shoulders.

You vary which muscle groups are trained the most by placing your body at different heights against the bar. If the body is high up so that you pull the bar more towards the lower part of your chest, mainly your lats will get work. If, on the other hand, you lie further down so that the bar ends up higher up on your chest, your trapezius (back muscles high up between your shoulders and neck) will be loaded more.

If you want to involve your biceps a little more in the exercise and thus make you stronger, you should run an underhand grip (palms up). For cleaner back training, an overhand grip is better.

Tips for Inverted Rows

  • The higher up the bar is from the ground, the easier the exercise will be
  • The exercise will be tougher if you have your legs fully extended
  • The more you have the bar placed over your chest, the more your lats will take the lift. If, on the other hand, you move your body forward so that your face is under the bar, your trapezius will take the load more.
  • Pull the shoulder blades together before bending the arms
  • Pull yourself up slowly and tense your muscles on the way back
  • A supine grip (palm facing you) engages your biceps more
  • As a variation that is more gentle on your shoulders, use the TRX straps

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