Cable Lateral Raise

Why Should You do Cable Lateral Raise?

Cable Lateral Raise is a good isolation exercise for the outer part of the shoulders. In comparison with Standing Lateral Rasie, the load becomes more constant during the entire movement. Standing dumbbell raise is the heaviest at the top and bottom, thus the outer parts of the shoulders are hardlyloaded. Whereas with a cable exercise, the load is much more constant throughout the course. Therefore, feel free to alternate both exercises on different occasions.

Training Details Cable Lateral raise

  • Primary Muscle
    Middle Delt
  • Secondary Muscle
    Front Delt
  • Equipment
  • Level


Select a suitable weight in the cable machine. Keep in mind that technique is more important than weight. Get the correct technique and then increase the weight. If you run too heavy, other muscles will help with the lift, and your outer shoulder muscles will not be trained.
Ensure to stand firmly and tighten the core, which gives a straight neutral back during the entire exercise. Pull back your shoulders, pinch the shoulder blades together, and push your chest out.

Grabthe handle with your hand that you have furthest away from the cable machine. Either you run with your hand in front of your body or you have it behind in the starting position.

Pull the handle out to the side until the arm is slightly higher than your shoulder. Do not lift forward but to the side. Remember always to have a tense core, lowered shoulders, and a straight wrist. Stay in the top position for about 1 second and then lower to the original position in a slow controlled motion.

It is the shoulders that will work during the exercise. Do not swing with your body to perform the exercise. Instead, lower your weight if you are unable to complete the exercise correctly. If you rock with your body to help, it means that your core is not tensed correctly, and your torso is not stabilized. Learn this before you start lifting heavy to be able to train the correct body part.

Always keep the shoulder lowered. It should not move up and down, but be fixed in the same position throughout the exercise.

Guide for Cable Lateral Raise

  • Only the shoulders should work during the exercise. Do not swing with the upper body
  • Do not perform the exercise with too heavy weights, it will only engage wrong muscles
  • Pull back the shoulders and pull the  shoulder blades together, push the chest forward
  • Tense the torso and fix the upper body so as not to swing
  • Lift the weight slowly upwards, just let it past your shoulders
  • Hold in the top position for a few seconds
  • Lower the weight in a calm and slow manner, always with tension in the muscle you are exercising. 
  • Do not pull your shoulders up to your ears
  • You should lift out to the side and not forward. If you lift forward, the front part of your shoulders takes over instead of the outer part
  • Exhale on the way up and inhale on the way down

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