Push Press

Training Details Push Press

  • Primary Muscle
    Front Delt
  • Secondary Muscle
    Middle Delt, Triceps, Quads, Inner Abs, Gluteus
  • Equipment
  • Level

Why Should You do a Push Press?

Push press is similar to military press except that you use your legs and the rest of your body to accelerate and push up the barbell. Many people think that push press is a fun exercise, and it is easy to gain weight because you use the whole body to push the barbell up over your head.

If you are stuck with weight on Military Press, Push Press can help you to the next level. Put on more weight than you usually do in Military Press and, above all, lower the bar in a slow and controlled manner, and you will see that you also develop when doing the Military Press next time.


Step under the bar and grab it a little wider than shoulder-width. Push the elbows under the bar to rest on the front of the shoulders and step out into position. The feet are shoulder-width apart and slightly pointed outwards with the weight in the middle or a little behind the heel—neutral but active core.

Lower your elbows so that they point obliquely outwards / downwards and close your hand as best you can. Pull back your chin; the goal should be to get a “double chin.” Push your knees out and bend your legs slightly to get down to the bound position, almost like when you have to make a jump but only about a decimeter. The upper body must always be completely vertical. Do not tip forward and tighten the torso to endure this! Turn the movement upwards. Tighten your buttocks and stomach and push explosively away with your legs and push the bar up to straight arms over your head. During the entire movement, the shoulders should be slightly pulled down with pinched shoulder blades. The shoulders should not go up towards your ears. From the side, the bar should end up behind your head when your arms are fully extended.

Guide for Push Press

  • Grab the bar and have a slightly wider grip than your shoulder width
  • The feet should point slightly outwards
  • Put the weight on the middle part of the foot or slightly against the heel
  • Your upper body should be upright at all times
  • When bending the leg, it should be short but sufficient to provide force to the explosive drive up 
  • Pull your head back
  • Shoulders down, do not pull them up towards your ears
  • Pull the shoulder blades together throughout the exercise
  • This is a good exercise if you want to take heavier weights than you do when performing the military press. 
  • Hold the weight on the way down, especially if you put on more weight than you do in the Military Press

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