Training Details Thrusters

  • Primary Muscle
    Front Delt, Gluteus, Hamstrings
  • Secondary Muscle
    Triceps, Middle Delt, Inner Abs, Straight Abs
  • Equipment
  • Level

Guide for Thrusters

  • The bar should be in a position just below shoulder height, which will make it easier to lift  
  • Grasp the bar a little wider than shoulder width
  • The feet should point slightly outwards, when you bend your knees they should also point outwards
  • Your weight should be in the middle of the foot or slightly backwards towards the heel, not the toes
  • Tense the torso properly, stabilize the body and also put the back in the right position
  • Have a neutral back, do not sway or bend it
  • The power should come from your legs so that they help you lift the weight above your head
  • Think double chin! Pull back your head

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