Guide for Burpees

  • Primary Muscle
    Quads, Gluteus, Pec
  • Secondary Muscle
    Calves, Lower back, Front Delt, Straight Abs, Inner Abs
  • Equipment
    Body weight
  • Level

Guide for Burpees

  • Great exercise for both cardio and strength
  • The exercise has got 4 different movements. Jump, squat, plank and push ups
  • Bend your knees properly before the jump. Do not bend your back, keep it pretty upright with a flat back
  • Use your arms to get momentum in the jump
  • When you land after the jump do it softly in a squat, bend your knees. Do not bend your back, keep the torso pretty upright with a flat back
  • Place you hands on the ground with your feet just outside of them, one on each side. If you want to make the exercise easier place your feet more to the back
  • Jump back with your feet so your body gets in one straight line, just like the Plank exercise
  • Perform a push up and then jump forward with you feet before you stand up straight again

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