Low Cable crossover

Exercise Details Low Cable Crossover

  • Primary Muscle
  • Secondary Muscle
    Front Delt
  • Equipment
  • Level

Why Should You do Low Cable Crossover?

This exercise involves mainly trains the upper part of the chest. To train this part, you have to pull the resistance diagonally upwards, which is exactly what you do in this exercise.


Set a suitable weight on the cable machine on both sides. The bracket of the cable machine must be at the bottom. Take a handle in each hand and stand in the middle between the machines. The arms should hang down from the side of your body with the palms of your hands facing forward. Take a step forward so that your arms holding the handles end up slightly behind your back. Put one foot in front of the other for balance. Your arms should be slightly bent; maintain this position during the entire movement. Pull back your shoulders, and pinch the shoulder blades together, push your chest forward. You are now in starting position.


With slightly bent arms, pull the handles obliquely upwards towards the ceiling with the palms of your hands are facing away from your body. The arms should not go straight ahead but a little obliquely inwards towards the body. Pull to chest or face height. One of the advantages of exercising in a cable machine is that the hands can cross each other in the top position for extra effect; feel free to do this.

Slowly lower your arms all the way back until they end up just behind your back as seen from the side. Remember to lower the weight camly and slowly with tension in the muscles, do not just drop the handles.

Remember to keep your arms slightly bent throughout the entire movement and keep your shoulders down.

Guide for Low Cable Crossover

  • Take a step forward so that your arms are located behind your rear
  • The palms should lay forward
  • Tilt your upper body slightly forward
  • Pull back your shoulders, pinch your shoulder blades and push the chest forward
  • Have slightly bent but fixed arms throughout the exercise
  • Straight wrists
  • Feel free to cross your hands in the top position
  • Perform the exercise slowly, lower the weights in a calm and controlled manner with tension in the muscle you are exercising
  • Upper body should be still
  • Exercise should be done in a controlled manner over a full range of motion: Arms should end up behind the body agian
  • Do not pull the handles but pull the weight in a controlled manner
  • Keep your shoulders down and still

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