Laying Cable Fly

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Why Should You do Lying Cable Fly?

Lying Cable Fly works with adduction, i.e., inserting the arm over the body. This is one of the essential functions of the pectoral muscles. In this exercise, you use a cable machine instead of dumbbells, which has its advantages. You can go the extra far with your arm over the center of your sternum. This will activate the muscle even more. The second advantage is that the load is more constant from the cable machine. Dumbbells do not load the chest as much when the arms are straight up over the body. However, even the cable machine is complicated in this position. It is also possible to quickly reduce the weight in a cable machine, so the exercise is very suitable for drop sets.


Place a bench between two cable machines. The bracket must be at the bottom of both machines. Please choose a suitable weight; it should be the same on both machines. Pick up a handle in each hand and lie on your back on the bench. Extend your arms over your body. They should not be fully extended but slightly curved. Maintain this angle throughout the movement, do not bend your arms anymore. Your wrists should be straight. Pull back the shoulders, pinch the shoulder blades together, and push the chest forward. You are now in your starting position. Now slowly lower your arms out to the side until your hands are at the same height as your shoulders. Your arms should not bend during this movement but should instead be fixed. You are now at the bottom of the movement.

Reverse the movement and slowly pull back and fold your arms over your body. You can cross your hands in the top position by 20-30 centimeters and squeeze your chest extra hard. Hold for a short while in this position and squeeze every last bit out of the muscle.

Guide for Lying Cable Fly

  • Use the same weight on both cable machines
  • Your arms should be slightly bent but fixed throughout the exercise. Imagine how it would be hugging a big tree, and do the same when performing the exercise
  • Your wrists should be straight
  • Pull back the shoulders,  pinch your shoulder blades and push the chest forward
  • Keep your shoulders down
  •  Perform the exercise slowly
  • Feel free to cross your hands in the top position for extra pressure on the inner part of the chest muscle 
  • Hold for a few seconds (1-3)  in the top position and enjoy how it burns
  • Do some Drop Sets in this chest exercise

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