Dumbbell Flyes

Muscle groups and purpose of Dumbbell Flyes

Dumbbell Flyes on a flat bench is a great exercise for your chest. Since your a lying on a flat bench you will target your mid chest the most but upper and loxer chest are also trained.

But take it easy with this exercise. It is easy to injure your shoulders and elbows if you perform it incorrectly and with to much weights. Therefor lower the weight in a controlled matter and make sure you are lifting with your chest and not your shoulders. It is better to do many reps instead of using heavy weights on this one.

Training Details

  • Primary Muscle
  • Secondary Muscle
    Front Delt
  • Equipment
  • Level

Guide to Dumbbell Flyes

  • Keep your arms bent during the entire exercise, like hugging a tree
  • Straight locked wrist, do not bend them
  • Pinch your shoulder blades together, push your chest forward
  • Do not lift your shoulders in the top position, they should always stay behind your chest
  • Do not lift your shoulders in towards your ears
  • Do not use to much weight, control is much more important

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