styrketräning med övningar för ben och rumpa

Leg exercises

One of your body’s largest muscle areas is your legs. The front and back thighs are large and strong areas. In addition, your gluteal muscle, also known as the buttocks, is an incredibly strong muscle that can handle weighty weights. At the bottom of the legs are your calf muscles that need more exhaustion to grow than heavy lifting. The calves also have two different muscles that are loaded differently during sitting or standing exercises.

Leg exercises can be heavy and intense and activate the entire muscles of the whole leg. They can also be isolating for individual muscle groups. Some lifters focus on overall exercises, while others prefer to focus on one muscle area at a time.

Depending on which training plan you run, you can choose between the overall or isolating exercises below. We have divided them by area Front Thigh, Back Thigh, Butt, and Calf. Test yourself or find a complete training program with regular exercises.

Do not forget LEG DAY!





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