styrketräning med övningar för magmusklerna

Abdominal exercises

Many people associate abdominal exercises with a prominent six-pack.. What shapes the abdominal is the muscle Rectus Addominis which has become visible. But a strong Rectus Addominis alone is not enough to get a six-pack. We always have abdominal muscles, but your body fat must be reduced to a maximum of 15% for them to be visible properly.

However, the stomach does not only consist of Rectus Addominis, which we will call straight abdominal muscle below. There are both internal and oblique abdominal muscles that both have essential functions for the body. We have therefore divided our abdominal training into straight, diagonal, and inner exercises.

An exercise often trains all three areas, but they are loaded to varying degrees depending on which exercise you choose. Therefore, you must not run the same exercise over and over again. Instead, select at least one exercise for each area so that straight, oblique, and inner can work during your workout and switch exercises between your workouts.

Inner abs


Straight Abs

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