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Why you should do a Triceps Kick Back

Kickbacks for the triceps are a very good exercise to perform at home and at the gym. It is also an easy and good exercise if you are new to the gym. It is important how you position your body during the exercise and how far you go in the movement so that you do not lose contact with the muscle.

Starting position Kickbacks

Stand by a bench and place the knee closest to the bench on top of it. The other leg should be on the ground. Lean forward and also place the arm closest to the bench on top of it. Make sure that your back is not curved but straight while your upper body is tilted about 30 degrees to the floor. Your neck should be in line with your back, not look up or bend down.

Now lift up the other arm that also holds the dumbbell until the upper arm is parallel to the floor, in this position your elbow should be slightly behind your back in height. Let the forearm hang straight down at a 90 degree angle to the upper arm. This is your starting position.


The purpose of this exercise is straightening the arm backwards while the upper arm and the rest of the body are completely still. You should stand still and not swing the weight, but rather slowly go backwards until your arm is straightened. Squeeze in the top position so that you really feel your triceps burn and slowly go back down again with the forearm. Stop in the 90 degree position and then start pushing the weight back again. If you go further back than to the 90 degree position, you lose contact with the triceps and the exercise gives a worse result.


You can also perform the exercise standing with both hands at the same time (see video above)

Guide for Triceps Kick Backs

  • Make sure that the upper body is straight but that it is tilted 30 degrees to the floor
  • Place the upper arm completely parallel to the floor, then the elbow will be placed slightly over the  back
  • Remember to only focus on moving the forearm, the rest of the body should be still
  • Perform the exercise in a controlled manner in both directions, and holding back on the way back
  • Feel free to stay in the top position for a short while to really push your tricep

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