Bench Dips

Training Details Bench Dips

  • Primary Muscle
  • Secondary Muscle
    Front Delt
  • Equipment
    Body weight
  • Level

Why to do dips against a bench?

It is a good exercise to train your triceps if you do not have dumbbells or a gym nearby. However, be careful with your shoulders. If you have your fingers forward during the exercise, your shoulders are rotated and closed and they can be exposed to unnatural loads.

Guide for Bench Dips

  • Pull your shoulder blades together and push your chest out
  • Your shoulders should not keep up the good posture.
  • Keep your fingers outward instead of forward. This allows your shoulders to open up. If your fingers are forward, rotate and close your shoulders which will increase the risk for an injury. 
  • The buttocks should be close to the bench
  • The elbows should go backwards, they should not flap out to the side
  • The exercise becomes more strenuous if you stretch your legs
  • Load up on the eccentric and really control on the way down for every single rep.
  • Inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up

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