Wrist Dumbbell Curl

Exercise Details for Wrist Dumbbell Curls

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Why you should be doing Wrist Curls

Pick up a suitable dumbbell and grab it with an underhand grip. Sit down next to a bench and place your forearm on top of the bench with your palm facing up. The wrist should be just outside of the bench. Hold the dumbbell with your fingers rather than with the palm.

Lower the dumbbells to the floor by bending your wrists backwards. If you can, the dumbbell can roll down in your grip so that it comes even further down towards the fingers which eventually stops it. Hold this bottom position for a few seconds before grasping the dumbbell and bending your wrist upwards again. Perform the movement slowly both backwards and forwards. The first part of the upward movement mainly trains your grip while the last part when the fingers are over the wrist trains your forearms.

The exercise can be performed with an overhand grip, palm down. Then the other side of your forearms is trained more.

It can also be an advantage to run one wrist at a time for more balance

Guided steps for Wrist Curl

  • Perform the exercise with both under and overhand grips
  • Do the movement slowly in both directions
  • Make sure to let the dumbbells roll down your fingers on the way down
  • Do not forget to go all the way up so that your forearms are trained properly, it is mainly trained in the lower part of the movement
  • It can be an advantage to run one wrist at a time for more balance

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