Wrist Barbell Curl

Exercise Details for Wrist Barbell Curl

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Why you should be doing Wrist Barbell Curl

Pick up a suitable barbell and grab it with a narrow underhand grip. Sit down on a bench and place your forearms on your thighs while your wrists protrude in front of your knees.

You can also place your forearms directly on the bench with your wrists off the edge, most people do it this way. It will be easy to squeeze your elbows together with your thighs so that they do not go off the bench when TAR I

Slowly lower the bar to the floor by bending your wrists backwards. Let the bar slowly roll down in your grip against your fingers. Hold for a few seconds in the bottom position before your fingers grab the bar and then lift it up again by bending your wrists. You should push it all the way up so that your forearms get a proper pressure. This only happens at the end of the movement, in the beginning it is mainly your grip that is trained.

Perform the exercise slowly and take it easy with the weight.

You can perform the exercise with an overhand grip as well, test yourself

Guided steps for Wrist Barbell Curl

  • Perform the exercise with both under and overhand grips
  • Perform the movement slowly in both directions
  • Roll down the bar in your fingers on the way down
  • Do not forget to go all the way up so that your forearms are trained properly, it is mainly exercised in the lower part of the movement
  • Remember to perform the exercise in a controlled manner. Never drop the barbell on the way down and lift it slowly and in a controlled manner on the way up. The exercise can be performed with upper or lower hand grips to stimulate both the forearm’s upper and lower side.

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