Reverse Barbell Curl

Exercise Details Reverse Barbell Curl

  • Primary Muscle
  • Secondary Muscle
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Why you should do a Reverse Barbell Curl

This exercise mainly exercises  your forearms. More specifically, the muscles that sit on the top of the forearms, the brachioradialis. Use lower weight than with a regular biceps curl because your biceps will not be fully engaged. Pull the shoulder blades together,  pinch the shoulders and push the chest forward. Slowly lift the weight by bending your elbows. Elbows should be fixed to the body and only your forearms move. Hold for a few seconds in the top position and squeeze out the muscle before slowly lowering the bar back

Guided steps for Reverse Barbell Curl

  • Use a lower weight than with biceps curl
  • Grasp the bar with an overhand grip, this makes the exercise an forearm (brachioradialis) exercise
  • Slowly lift the bar
  • Hold in the top position for a few seconds and squeeze out the last
  • Slowly lower the bar
  • Do not swing your upper body during the movement
  • The exercise works well with dumbbells instead of a barbell too

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