Single arm biceps cable curl

Training Details Single arm biceps cable curl

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Muscle groups and purpose

One-arm biceps curl with cable handles is an isolation exercise for the biceps muscles that is effective for “pumping”. Since you work in a machine, it is also easy to lower the weight to squeeze out the last part of the biceps.


Stand with your back to the weight magazine and grasp the handle. Take a small step forward so that your elbow (when the arm is straight) ends up slightly behind your body. You then stretch the biceps and train it better. Stand shoulder-width apart and feel balanced.

Slowly pull up the handle by curling your arm. Hold for a few seconds in the top position and press your biceps before completing full range of motion by slowly lowering the handle again. Your elbow should be just behind your back but otherwise maintain fixed. It should not swing back and forth or go out sideways. If you need to move your elbow, you should then lower the weight.

Guide for Biceps Cable Cable

  • Do not move the upper arm. It must be locked in the same position throughout the movement
  • Your elbow should be fixed to the side of your body, it should not swing back and forth or flap outwards during lifting
  • Do not lift the weight but pull slowly and in a controlled manner
  • Stay in the top position for 1-2 seconds and squeeze your biceps
  • Load up on the eccentric and really control on the way down for every single rep.
  • The exercise is perfect as a Drop Set at the end of a biceps workout

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