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Muscle groups and purpose for concentration Curl

Concentration curl is an isolation exercise for the biceps that is quite easy to perform, but there are a number of points that you cannot neglect. In the exercise, you really only move the forearm while the upper arm is isolated against the inside of the thigh. The exercise is great to finish off your biceps workout with, because you work more with repetitions that give pump rather than heavy weights that give effort.

Starting position concentration curl

To perform a good concentration curl, sit down on the long side of a bench. Make sure you have a wide distance between your feet and the dumbbell in the one hand. Place the back of your right upper arm, i.e. your triceps, against the inside of your right thigh. So you should not have the elbow above the thigh and you should not have the elbow towards the side of the thigh, but it is your triceps that should lie against the inside of the thigh. Turn your wrist so that your palm is facing forward. Now make sure that your arm is fully extended and that the dumbbell is just above floor level. You are now in your starting position.


Slowly lift the dumbbell in a twisting motion until the palm of your hand points toward the shoulder in the top position. Only your forearm should move. The upper arm and the rest of the body should be completely still. Lift all the way up until your biceps are fully contracted. At the same time as you lift the weight, you rotate your forearm so that your little finger is higher up than your thumb. When you are in the top position, twist and squeeze your biceps for 2 seconds before slowly lowering the weight to the floor again. Exhale on the way up and in on the way down.

When you do not have the strength to lift the weight anymore, you can concentrate only on the negative phase. Help with the non-curling hand to lift the weight, then hold back and slowly return with only the curling arm. You can easily perform several extra reps this way and squeeze every little thing out of your guns.

Guide for Concentration Curl

  • Make sure it is your triceps and not your elbow that is on the inside of the thigh.
  • Remember not to move or swing the weight. The whole exercise should be performed slowly and in a controlled manner
  • Squeeze your muscle in the top position
  • Turn your wrist so that your little finger is higher up than your thumb
  • Load up on the eccentric and really control on the way down for every single rep.
  • Start with a low weight. The exercise is best performed with many repetitions instead of heavy weights, aiming for at least 12 reps

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